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Travel Tips

If you’re reading this, I’ve landed in Italia for a two-week vacation all over the boot. Or, as I’ve been calling it, my honeymoon without the wedding. (I’ll have to outdo this trip for the real thing!) I’ve scheduled a few posts to keep you reading while I’m gone.

I’ll of course be posting about my adventures (and the many pictures that come with it) but if you want a sneak peek, check out my map of to-dos!

In preparation for my trip, I started compiling some travel tips.

Travel Tips | J'ai la vie

Travel Accessories

  • Travel power adapter/converter – I bought this one for only $10 which can be used in over 150 countries worldwide and includes a USB port.
  • Unique luggage tags – not only can these help your luggage find its way home if it gets lost, but bright colors will help you identify your suitcase on the conveyer belt.
  • Cross-body bag – there’s nothing like being a tourist hands-free.  I’m also a big fan of the fanny pack, but my friends don’t support it.


  • If traveling with a partner, pack all of your heavy items in a smaller suitcase and clothes in the larger one.  That way you have less risk of going over the 50 lb maximum.  Plus, in the unfortunate event that one suitcase gets lost, you both have some of your items.
  • Pack outfits.  Too often, I will throw in every individual item that I want, without realizing what goes together.  Save room and really think about what outfits you will be wearing and when!
  • Leave some room in your suitcase for souvenirs!


Once the hotels and flights are booked, don’t let the finishing touches wait until last minute!

One/two months before

  • book all day tours and extra trips
  • if traveling internationally, triple check the expiration date on your passport (and remember where you put it!)

Two weeks before:

  • purchase all travel accessories and toiletries
  • refill all prescriptions

One week before:

  • print out all tickets, documents, transit schedules, and itineraries
  • book airport transportation
  • if you’re leaving the country, call your credit card company and notify them

Two days before:

  • pack everything you can and make a list of the things you plan to throw in last minute

One day before:

  • weigh your suitcase
  • charge your electronics

The day of:

  • Pack last minute toiletries
  • If traveling internationally, turn off cellular data on your phone (you can still use WiFi for free)
  • Enjoy!

Bon voyage! Or… Buon viaggio!

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