It’s at the top of everyone’s bucket list, and for good reason. The history, culture, and of course food will never disappoint in Italy.


Quick Facts

  • Language = Italian
    • English spoken in most cities
    • Smaller cities and more remote areas most residents speak dialect and English is less common
  • Money = Euro
    • Credit cards accepted in most cities
    • Bring cash for smaller purchases like a coffee
  • Transportation =  walking, taxis are best way to get around. Take trains between cities.
    • Rome, Florence, Milan, and Naples all have international airports easily accessible from the US
  • Best Time to Visit = April – October
    • Amalfi coast business often close during winter months


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Things to Note

Italy is very safe, but like all big cities beware of pickpockets. Italians are very friendly and willing to help tourists. Keep in mind businesses do close in the afternoon between lunch and dinner, so be aware of your timing when planning meals.

  • Foods to Try
    • Pasta, pasta, pasta
    • Fresh Mozzarella
    • Cured Meats (prosciutto)
    • Gelato
  • Top 3 Must-See Spots
    • Venice (the city is often changing, and there are rumors tourism may be limited in the future)
    • Cinque-Terre (it may limit the number of tourists in the future)
    • Amalfi Coast (Positano)

Tipping Guide

Gratuities are completely optional, and only included for exceptional service (or for Westerners who just feel guilty not tipping). Typically you can just round up the bill.

  • Restaurants = round up to nearest 10 Euro (ONLY if service charge is not included in bill)
  • Cafe/Coffee Shop = leave spare change
  • Bars = round up to nearest Euro
  • Taxis = round up to nearest Euro (or 10 Euro for longer ride)
  • Bellhop = 1 Euro
  • Tour Guide = 5-10 Euro

Geo Travel Guide

Check out some of our favorite locations in Italy via the map below.


Tours & Day Trips

Our favorite tours:

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