Netherlands (AKA Holland) is a beautiful country known for its windmills, tulips, and of course, coffee shops (not to mention Red Light district). Here is our Netherlands travel guide.


Quick Facts

  • Language = Dutch
    • English spoken in most areas
  • Money = Euro
    • Credit cards widely accepted
  • Transportation =  Amsterdam is walkable, bikes are a fun way to get around
    • Uber (often will require you to meet at a pickup point, even if it’s a private ride)
  • Best Time to Visit = April – September
    • Tulips are in bloom April-early May


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Things to Note

If you visit the Red Light district as a tourist, try not to stare. New rules are being put in place to prevent crowds and visitors are asked to respect the workers.

Cafés are where coffee is served, and “coffee shops” is where cannabis products are sold.

  • Foods to Try
    • Cheese
    • Stroopwafels (caramel wafers, often served with coffee)
    • Bitterballen (a fried ball stuffed with meats)
    • herring
  • Top 3 Must-See Spots
    • Anne Frank House
    • Zaanse Schan (windmills)
    • Keukenhof (tulips)

Tipping Guide

Gratuities are not expected, but round up for good service at cafés and bars.

Geo Travel Guide

Check out some of our favorite locations in the Netherlands via the map below.


Tours & Day Trips

Our favorite tours:

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