traverpolis is your destination for all things vacation, helping you plan a unique and customized trip your way.

trav·er [trəˈvər] v. to cross over (origin: French)
po·lis [pōləs] n. city (origin: Greek)

We are a DIY travel site: easy and unbiased itineraries and travel resources to help you plan your own vacation. traverpolis is your resource to “travel like a local” – know the city you’re traveling before you arrive and build your own itinerary based on your interests.

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” – Andre Gide

We’ve created a travel guide for each country that aggregates what you need to know before you go – currency, tipping policy, how to get around, and of course where to eat and drink. Each travel guide features a map so that you can see the important places to visit and plan your route accordingly. (How many times have you been told to go to a “great” restaurant only to find out it’s an hour outside of the city?) Our blog posts also share our experiences and our favorite (and least favorite) spots.

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I’m the founder of traverpolis and the primary writer behind the blog. I photograph most of the pictures featured here on my Canon Rebel T3i (or my iPhone 6 if I’m in a pinch).

I grew up in rural New Jersey, and currently live just outside of New York City. If I had to choose another place to live it would be Paris, but my favorite trip to date is a recent visit to South Africa.


I’m a contributor to the site and also the instagrammer behind @cultural_omnivore.