Quick Facts

  • Language = Portugese
    • English spoken in most touristy areas
  • Money = Brazilian Real
    • Credit cards widely accepted
  • Transportation =  cities are walkable, or take Uber
  • Best Time to Visit = weather is good year-round
    • Carnival is in February (great experience, but beware of crowds)


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Things to Note

  • Etiquette
    • Do not wear flashy jewelry in public; beware of pickpockets
    • Do not make OK sign
    • Tip bartender well on first drink to get a stronger second drink
    • Nightclubs: card is given to tally total drinks and 10% will be added to bill. If you lose it, they charge 100R.
  • Foods to Try
    • Steak
    • Pão de Queijo (cheese bread)
    • Acai
    • Wine
  • Top 3 Must-See Spots
    • Copacabana & Ipanema (Rio)
    • Florionapolis
    • São Paulo

Tipping Guide

  • Restaurants/Bars = 10% (if no service charge)
  • Hotel Staff = 5-10R per day for maid, at end; 1R per bag for porter; 5-10R for concierge advice
  • Taxi = round up (or +3R per bag from airport)

Geo Travel Guide

Check out some of our favorite locations in Brazil via the map below.


Tours & Day Trips

» View all day trips, excursions, and tours in Brazil



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