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Taking the Ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo

The easiest way to get from Buenos Aires to several cities in Uruguay is via ferry. Buquebus is the ferry company that runs huge ferries that sail direct to Colonia, Montevideo, and Punta del Este. We took the Sunday morning ferry to Montevideo on the “Francisco” ferry, which is the large boat that runs between the two cities.

Buquebus ferry
Francisco ferry (image courtesy of buquebus.com)

Booking tickets is easy online, direct through the Buquebus website. Several other sites sell tickets but they are typically more expensive. We paid $99 USD one-way from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. I had read online that the first class ticket option was not worth the extra cost, so we sat economy and it was perfectly fine.

The ferry terminal in Buenos Aires is easy to get to by cab or Uber, not far from downtown. But a note of caution: arrive early! You will have to check your luggage and go through customs, similar to an airport.

The ferry itself is very comfortable, with a snack stand on board as well as a duty free shop and clean bathrooms – even a place for kids to play. Overall, it’s more comfortable than a plane with way more room to move around.

The whole ride takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes and then pulls into port at Montevideo. Once you arrive, you simply pick up your luggage and head outside, where plenty of taxis are lined up to get you to your final destination.

Overall, I highly recommend the Buquebus ferry for anyone looking to get from BA to Uruguay.

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