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  • What to See in Fez, Morocco

    What to See in Fez, Morocco

    After boarding the train in Casablanca, we had a little over three hours of watching the country flash by our compartment window. We arrived in Fez (or Fes, depending on your preferred spelling) and overpaid for a 40 dirham taxi to our hotel. (It was only about $4 USD so we didn’t bother arguing.) But […]

  • Visiting Casablanca, Morocco

    Visiting Casablanca, Morocco

    Casablanca is a large city and serves as the entry point for many tourists via the international airport. Since we were flying direct from JFK, we chose to spend two nights in Casablanca to start our trip. In truth, we probably only needed one night, as there isn’t a ton to see in this city […]

  • Morocco Travel Guide: What to Know before you Go

    Morocco Travel Guide: What to Know before you Go

    Morocco is a beautiful country with the best of all types of scenery. From mountains to beaches to cities to deserts – you’ll want to have your camera ready everywhere you go. But it is a culture very different from that of European countries or the States. It’s a Muslim nation and therefore the religion, […]

  • Visiting Mauritius – Paradise in the Indian Ocean

    Visiting Mauritius – Paradise in the Indian Ocean

    Mauritius is a lesser-known island off the coast of Madagascar – a tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean, neighboring Reunion Island and The Seychelles. Once under Dutch, French, then British rule, Mauritius is independent but still shows a blend of these cultures, particularly in the French language and the Indian cuisine. English, French, Mauritian […]

  • Cape Town Travel Guide

    Cape Town Travel Guide

    Come for the food, the wine, the culture, the scenery… once you are here, you won’t want to leave. This port city is rich in history – from its Dutch roots to the apartheid years to the presidency of Nelson Mandela – there is so much to learn about this city. And once you’ve experienced […]