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trav·er [trəˈvər] v. to cross over (origin: French)
po·lis [pōləs] n. city (origin: Greek)

We are a DIY travel site: easy and unbiased itineraries and travel resources to help you plan your own vacation. traverpolis is your resource to “travel like a local” – know the city you’re traveling before you arrive and build your own itinerary based on your interests. Our suggestions are map-based to make the most efficient use of your time exploring!

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about jamie

I’m the founder of traverpolis and the primary writer behind the blog. I photograph most of the pictures featured here on my Canon Rebel or iPhone Pro.

I grew up in rural New Jersey, and currently live just outside of New York City. If I had to choose another place to live it would be Paris, but my favorite trip to date is South Africa.

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side of building at Vedema
Europe | Greece

Staying at the Vedema Luxury Collection in Megalochori, Santorini

While Oia remains a popular destination for anyone heading to Santorini, some of the smaller towns on the island deserve just as much attention. Megalochori is one such spot, a quaint historic village on the eastern part of the island filled with narrow cobblestone streets, vineyards, and adorable authentic restaurants. Just south of Fira (another…