California Cruisin’

I’m headed to Cali!  Yup, I’m on my way to the sunshine of the west coast for a much-needed Memorial Day vacation.

If you’re thinking, “But Jamie, you JUST went to Las Vegas!”  Well, you are right. And you know what, I’m going to Italy in September!

So to answer all of you who keep asking when Tom and I are getting married, this is our official answer: Why spend money on a wedding when we can just spend all of our money on multiple honeymoons every year?

Yeah, yeah … we’ll get married eventually.  But for now, we are heading down the coast of the Golden State for some Cali Cruisin’ on the PCH.

And in case you want to follow along, here is my itinerary in the form of my favorite tool, Google Maps.  With the help of some friends, we marked off some must-see sites on our way from San Francisco to LA, and then some more hot spots when we arrive in San Diego (via Amtrak).

See map here.

See ya next week!

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